Recovery Support 

Lake Eufaula Recovery Center is a residential evangelical Christian discipleship training center for men and women with life controlling problems. Our programs help people from all walks of life, many of whom struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. Our students receive the vital skills necessary for a complete change of life. We offer a structured program for those who needs a chance at a new beginning. Our curriculum is tailored made to see the success of our students. We strongly believe in networking with other agencies to help each student in need.     


This is screening tool combined with other observations that are meant to be used as a guide in determining whether the student is eligible for our services or if the student should be referred for a clinical assessment.


We provide safe and drug free housing for 6 to 12 months while each student participates in the Recovery Support Services that are provided. They are surrounded by an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. While in the program they are being monitored on a regular basis.


Transporting of students for the purpose of accessing their recovery support services. We use our own vans to transport students to and from appointments. This will help them to achieve the goals that are set for each student while in the program.

Case Management 

Coordination of care services which assist a student in identifying, accessing, and coordinating resources that is supportive in achieving their recovery goals. A Case Manager will meet with students one-on-one on a regular basis.

Pastoral Support

A one-on-one support service that is tailored made to fit each student’s individual need. This resource, which incorporates faith and convictions, helps to support the student during a crisis, and to determine a recovery plan for success. We also provide group and family sessions.

Recovery Skills

Designed to assist the student in obtaining the necessary skills to be a successful productive member of their community. This offers skill building topics such as personal growth, responsible decision making, and growing through failures. These are offered in a group and individual sessions.

Relapse Prevention

Designed to assist the student in developing skills to recognize early signs that may lead to relapse and to develop methods to counteract these triggers. One of our classes is “Temptation” this helps them to notice when and how to deal with temptation when it comes.

Family Support

We offer this is an avenue to help the family members to support a student’s recovery in a way that does not enable them. This is offered by group sessions or individual. One of the classes that we offer is “Personal Relationships with Others” This helps both the family and the student in building a better relationship.

Spiritual Support

Domestic Violence/Anger Management

This is to assist a student in developing their spirituality as an integral part of their recovery. We help each student establish a relationship with Jesus Christ which gives them a sense of purpose and a mission in one’s life.

Employment Skills

This helps a student to develop the skills necessary to receive and maintain employment. Our classes consist of resume writing, filling out applications, interviewing skills, on the job ethics and accountability. These are offered in group sessions or individual.

This offers skill building topics such as “Attitudes” What are attitudes? How do we develop new attitudes? What is the right attitude to have when being criticized or corrected? And “Anger and Personal Rights” Discusses why we get angry and how we express our anger. What are some practical ways to deal with your anger? These classes will help each student to stop and recognize each situation and react in a way that will not hurt them or anyone else.

Educational Programs

Drug Testing

All students are randomly alcohol & drug tested to ensure their sobriety. If they are court ordered and they fail any testing their probation officer will be notified, or they go back to jail. Whichever the judge sees fit for that person. 

Here students are encouraged to get an education by either getting a GED or trying to get into college. Currently, we have students who are enrolled in college while in the programs. This will enable them to have a future while in recovery

Court Liaison